Am 07/31 09:21  Aidan Grey yscrifef:

>   There are a couple questions to ask right of the
> bat: do we want a separate list to discuss this stuff
> on? Or should be just introduce a new header, like NGL
> used to? And what to call the project? I don't like
> Family project, but I suppose we'll have to wait to
> name the language family...
I did wonder who this Lang family was that we discussing at one point,
then my brain booted in :)

As John has already offered to moderate a list I suggest we take him up
on such an offer.  Such a list needs to be open at least as far to allow
messages to be read by observers who don't want to YAL (Yet Another
List).  If it's at Yahoo or a similar group I would suggest that any
datafiles, etc., should also be publically accessible.  Participation in
polls should be restricted to subscribers, so should links.

I'm basing this on observance of lists where these features are used.

>   On the the language topic, what level of family are
> people interested in? Indo-European level, or Romance
> level (I believe Andrew Smith prefers the latter)? I'm
> willing to go either way.
This looks like to me that it's going to be multitiered.  I'm happy for
proto-lang to develop to a tier where I want to play.  There are two
themes that would like to play with.  I would like to see what happens
when a Paninian/Ciceronian classical standard emerges - but that will
have to be way down the track; and I would also like to work on a
daughter-language that through conquest or assimilation borrows heavily
from a sibling - that could slot in anywhere.

>   And is this going to be an Earth language, or an
> alternate world? This is going to have a huge effect
> on historical development, for example. Myself, I'd
> prefer a new world, because my history sucks, and I
> could make up whatever history I like on another
> world.
I would prefer a purely fantasy world with standard physics than map it
out as OTL geography with alternative borders.  The language creation
should be primary, then the geography and conculturing.  If people want
lions and dodos then so be it!  I promise not to sulk . . . much.

- andrew.
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