An 31 Jul 2001, an 16:58, Davis, Iain E. be gescriten:

> Or some other, previously undiscovered civilization, that either was wiped
> off the face of the earth by some disaster.  I always drag my heels at using
> Atlantis for a creative effort, given it's been used time and again for so
> many things that it's hard to take it seriously anymore. :)

Atlantis is old. How about the island of Lyonesse? :) Or how about
the whole planet? Alternate history is such a fun thing to play with.

>         Alternate Earth would probably give you the greatest options in
> terms of poetic wouldn't have to make up anything you didn't
> want to, but if you want something that doesn't exist or make sense in our
> world, you can do so easily...extinct animals that aren't, etc.  The return
> of the Dodo Bird!

I like, I like. That should also add an interesting recipe to the
cookbook I've heard about :)

Can I play happy families too? I'm not promising to do much, and
certainly not quickly, but I wouldn't mind playing, if I'm allowed.

igh wr go, hwr y Scyp na dear go.
Damon M. Lord
Estydent Yiau
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