Lou (and all),

I voted for #3 (IDREF). But then Francois observed what we'd missed, and
unfortunately, Sebastian (below) is correct. If maintaining backwards
compatibility is a priority, then I'm afraid they do have to be CDATA.

Which makes me wonder about that requirement. Taken to the limit, it
suggests that we could *never* have any new constraints. For an interchange
DTD this is okay, but for new material (authoring/editorial DTD) it
obviously has problems. Maybe a parameter entity with a switch, and a
recommendation to switch it to IDREF for new documents?


At 03:30 AM 8/2/01, Sebastian wrote:
>Make them all CDATA. Otherwise old documents may break. The philosophy
>of the P4 TEI is to keep old documents working, even if some
>constraints are loosened. I don't see that you have any choice.

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