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> > I just heard the RealAudio version of Sally's NPR interview.
> > Here's the URL for it:
> >
> >
> Thabks! I've heard it too, now.
> > The comparisons with model shipbuilding and crossword puzzling, for
> > example, were quite apt.
> For some values of conlanging, yes. Some of us don't set out to make
> a "miniature", but something more like a glimpse of something
> full-size.

That's how I felt... If I was a nadge more touchy, I'd be offended if anyone
claimed that Jameld was only a 'miniature', a toy in effect. Sure, it's not
finished, but the intention was always (and still is) to create a
fully-formed, living entity that can describe the real world.

I'd like to say that it was nice to hear Teonaht spoken, but after half an
hour online, 2 failed attempts where the buffering figure had gone way over
400 seconds, a mandatory RealAudio upgrade download, crash, reboot,
reconnexion and refailure, I was just happy to be able to make out the
English words in the 14.4 version. The Teonaht, regrettably, just sort of
broke up too much in the overcompressed audio. It sounded like it would
probably be very beautiful, if one could only hear it properly :)

FWIW, I still haven't got round to doing the Babel text in Jameld, 13 years
after translating Revelation...


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