Im off for 4 days diving in the Channel this week, want to come along :)

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                    07/08/2001 10:07
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Hello Marv,

I'm in Pensacola, Florida where tropical storm Barry was just supposed to
come through. It turned a bit at the end and went into the Fort Walton -
Pananma City area. We didn't even get a rain drop here.

The seas have already calmed down so it looks like I'll get to go diving
weekend. After a storm of this capacity it usually pushes new life from the
deeper waters. This should be a great weekend to dive.

If you ever want to see some of the sights from the pan handle you've got a
buddy. Just let me know.

If I'm coming to the keys anytime soon I'll let you know and maybe we can
hook up for a few dives.

Take care,



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