Marv writes:
> I'm just back from Fl diving!  a blast as always ....

I'm just back from a training was a literal "blast"

> Caymans ... would you say it remains a 'paradise' for the
> locals, since Caymanians get advantages and non-natives,
> no matter who they are, are always 2nd class ... in the
> eyes of the law, culture and work ethic?

I don't think so.  While the double standard assures modest prosperity and
prevents cultural dilution, it also shelters them from competition, so many
frequently lose their work ethic and motivation.  The result is that they
rightfully develop a reputation for being lazy, indifferent and slow
workers, so most businesses look to only use them where they have to and
bring in workers from the outside anyway, since they've frequently made
themselves unqualified for the higher-skilled jobs.  In this regards, I feel
that the policy has really been a disservice.

> As for the murder, was it a Caymanian who was killed and who was the
> supposed killer?

Both were Caymanian.  It appears to have been his final revenge as part of a
longstanding lovers of my older trip reports documented the
time that she stabbed him with a dinner fork.