Hi Mark:

yes, I saw the DS4 configuration you spoke off, and has been
very accomodating as I too goofed and ordered a yoke instead of a DIN, and
they gave me the conversion kit free.  I'm impressed, and I will patronize
them further! DHL shipping is superb.  Enjoy the Apeks.

Thanks for the 1/2" UNF plug tip from the NJ store!

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>They have also promised to send me the correct 1/2 primary second
>stage hose at no charge.  I am sure they know it was my mistake (I think),
>and they are still being "stand-up" about the whole thing.  I did receive all
>the correct documentation..warrantees and blow-up diagram etc.  Diveinn is
>indeed an impressive outlet...

Warm regards,