Hi Tim,

YOu have 2 black 2nd Stage plates on your regs?  With's prices,
I'd be happy just to get a new 1st and 2nd stage and worry about cosmetics
and hoses domestically [ they are based in Spain.]  FWIW the Apeks website
states they have many more colors other than yellow ... but the Hogarthian
way is to use yellow ... which is a defacto standard as backup reg or
octo.  The Tx50+40octo kit comes with a yellow octo hose.

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>Date:    Sun, 5 Aug 2001 19:18:32 -0500
>From:    TimAndrews <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: Tech 50D
>thats weird?? i ordered a tx50/40 combo and got a black back-up. im not =
>going to return it. ill just buy a yellow cover for it. tim
>Hi = Marvin...Don't be=20 concerned, I think I finally figured out what
>and as = usual it was=20 my fault and not Diveinn's error.  I had visited
>their =
>website a=20 number of times before actually making the purchase
>online.  If = you=20
>scroll down Diveinn's regulator page, you will first come to = "APEKS
>TX-50=20 DS
>4 + OCTO TX-40   $319.00US"  When you scroll = further=20 down the page
>you come
>to "APEKS TX-50 + OCTO TX-40 $319.00US". =  The=20 price and thumbnail
>look identical.  I conjecture = that when=20 I made the purchase, I
>ordered the first reg. I came to = since=20 the price was the same $319
>and it
>looked virtually identical. =  When=20 I spoke to Diveinn, they made a
>to the fact that many = people had=20 made the same mistake, but the comment
>didn't register as I was so = ready=20 to blame them for the mistake. I
>was just
>relieved that they sent = me the=20 exchange swivel first stage so quickly
>have promised to credit = me for=20 the returned DS4 when they receive it
>from me.  They = have also=20 promised to send me the correct 1/2 primary
>stage hose at = no=20 charge.  I am sure they know it was my mistake (I
>and = they=20 are still being "stand-up" about the whole thing.  I did
>receive = all=20
>the correct documentation..warrantees and blow-up diagram etc.=20  Diveinn is
>indeed an impressive outlet...

Warm regards,