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From: Daniel L. Crawford <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: DIR...not just for diving

Having Worked at Brownie's Third Lung / Halcyon with the infamous RMC and
his anti-stroke cohorts for a while, I can see the reaction already:

Robert has that distinct vein running down the center of his forehead, that
swells like a table-tennis net dividing the sides of his face when he gets

And  DO NOT ever switch Wakulla for the Woodsville in WKPP.....

He had some strange ways about his thinking and tolerances for anyone alse's
opinion, but I still proudly dive the rig and equipment.......

I just don't secretly  desire to slash the competitors equipment sitting on
the others tanks.....

Thanks for the laugh, and the chance to recall the thinking of that man.....


Keith R Hamlin
Our Business is "Going Under"