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If you can't find the adapter, it would be a good idea to obtain the 1/2"
UNF plug for the DST, as Poe suggests.  That way you can close that port,
and just use the other 3/8" ports in an emergency.  But again, the 1/2" is
assumed to always be used, so I've not seen an Apeks DST sold with the plug,

MARK: if you DO OBTAIN THE PLUG somewhere, please let me know, I'd like to
have it as backup too!!!!

Sorry, had to run before.  I did get a 1/2" plug yesterday from a local dive
shop here in NJ...SCUBA NETWORK  973 256-0555...They didn't even charge me.
The salesman said that he had some lying around from DACOR regs.  Apparently
DACOR uses 1/2" as well.  Hope this was some help.