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WOW!!!! Thanks!!!!!  Are you in my half of the world?  I'm in Philadelphia,
Dive Dutch Springs if not NJ Wreck Diving with Dutch buddies.  Maybe we'll
see you there ..!

Thanks again for the tip will call them now ...

Hello Marvin,

Nick tells me I need to reply with this "demime" address since I pay my $20 a
month to the dreaded AOL /HTML.  Since we've been communicating on this
thread normally the last few days, I figured that I had better reply to both

So, if you can read this, I live in Livingston, NJ and you and I have
communicated on the net several times in various threads over the last few
years....rec.scuba etc.  I tend to only get online when I have something
relevant to add or when I have what might be a question pertinent to the
group at hand and relevant to me.  Otherwise, I tend to lurk in and out with
the seasons...skiing in the winter, scuba in the summer and biking in
between...hence scubnski....ya see, although an Ashkenazi Lansman... Russian
not Polish.  If you followed that stream of cosciousness, you're a better man
than me.

I was last at Dutch Springs this time last year for my son's certification
dives (my controversial 11 year old if you remember that thread). I audited
the course with him and was his buddy at Dutch Springs.  He did his PADI
course through Elite Divers in Denville, NJ.  We did our first certified
diving together in Jamaica at the end of August.

This summer, we finally got my Brooklyn Yeshiva girl wife enrolled at Elite.  
She overcame her nervousness because she faced the reality that with her son
and husband off diving, she'd better get her butt into the water or she
wouldn't only spend her winter vacations by herself dawdling down the blue
square trails, but she'd be spending half the days of her summer vacations by
herself as well.

Seriously, I couldn't be more proud of her for overcoming her not
insignificant fears.  She earned her referral last night and has opted to do
her O/W dives at Provo (Beaches) at the end of August.  I think, for her at
least, she had the good sense to opt for a lycra skin and six pounds rather
than a 7mm and hood etc. etc. at Dutch Springs.  

I do get to Dutch Springs once or twice a season and would very much like to
meet you as well.  Is your family involved in diving?  I will post before my
next trip to PA.  I will also most likely post a trip report whether anyone
is interested or not, after our trip to Provo.  I have been fantasizing ever
since my son became certified about how neat it would be for us all to dive
as a family...I will share my thoughts.