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 Hi Ray,

 Key West; its a mix of relatively battered but well populated reefs and two
 well doved wrecks [ Joe's Tug and Cayman Salvor] but the culture here is
 much better than northern Fl, add being in clear [70+ ft vis on good days],
 deep, blue, warm [ 85F+] water is always a welcome respite from the North
 Atlantic ... plus regulars get freebie dives from helping out at the dive
 boat, so I'm out as long as the boat goes out!
Hello Marv,

I don't blame you for going there if you've got that kind of connections.
I've been in the Keys diving several times but I've just have never known
where to go for the best diving. It's the same if you come here and charter a
local boat all you are going to see is the local tourist stuff not the great
diving we have in over 100fsw.

If you're ever up in this area l'd love to show you our diving and if I ever
catch you in the Keys I'll let you return the favor. 8^)

Take care,