Danny Wier wrote:

> > Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

>Not I.

Hehe. Me neither really. :)

>But again I do have what I called "compression" (a better term would be
>monosyllabization) of CVCV > CVVC.

That *is* a good term. Very good actually.

>I forgot to mention, but in Tech, when the two vowels merge, the resulting
>sandhi vowel is determined by the values of the
>two original vowels, and also on which syllable was stressed in the

Aha. It'll be interesting to see what sandhi vowels you
come up with.

>That looks like what you have: CeCu > CeoC > CioC > CjoC, etc.  Is your
>conlang based on Norse or Germanic by the way?

Well, no, actually not. But numerous times, I've been playing
with the thought of having Nordic umlauts in my former main
conlang Rinya. And I'm thinking of doing something Germanicky
and Nordic for the Arda-Lang project. My two terms of taking
The History of the Nordic Languages at uni might actually come
to practical use! Wohoo! :)

||| daniel andreasson

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