On Fri, 10 Aug 2001, andrew wrote:

>This is a forwarded message from a denominational mailing list that I'm
>on.  Would people like to provide suggestions and I can post them on.  I
>don't think the good reverend was thinking about imaginary languages but
>I can still include them. :)
>I'm working on a special service and I'm wanting "Faith", "Hope" and "Love" in a
>variety of languages - including Pacific.

La fis, l' yspeir, la carancea. 'Ny gante Kernowe, d' oc!

Fis is a split declension noun (as are many, it now seems),
the singular being -a stem, the plural -t stem. Yspeir is a
good -r stem; while carancea is also -a stem.

>Can people send some replies (making sure I can tell which is which!!)

Et-sa tand difacil ar cunoueir c' a que et c' a nquen?

Oo. Some _spoken_ Kerno. [cunoueir < gnovi]


>- andrew.