Danny Wier wrote:

>CeCa > CjaC
>CeCu > CjoC or CjC (again, a-ring)

Very nice. I just realized myself last night that I
have "brytning" ('breaking' eCa -> ja) in Cein. Although
I spell it {ea} it's certainly pronounced more like [ja].

I seem to remember reading something about this "brytning"
having exceptions, but I can't find the source. I think
u and o affect the e differently. CeCu should be CjuC and
CeCo -> CjoC. But I also recall something about phonetic
surroundings playing a part in this. (The word _jf_
'thief' comes to mind.)

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm planning on using these sound changes in my Delelang
as well.

>Now I'm reading about Verner's Law (yes I'm studying Old Norse right

No kidding. :)  Are you studying by yourself or in some
kind of class? What books are you using?

||| daniel andreasson

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