Hi guys I've been gone for teh past 2.5 weeks, but
since I'm getting digests my mailbox didn't explode.
Well, that and the fact that Auxlang has shut up

Anyway, I'm starting a new site- a collection of
manuscripts, essays, etc that have to done with
conlangs, conlanging, auxlangs, or IALs. If you guys
have anything just send it to me and I'll post it.

About the family thing I'm in favor of you getting the
new group because it does cause a lot of traffic,
though I would be interested in what you guys have to
say. I wonder if by some miracle you'll be able to
find a universal word for the entire family, like IE
father-patro-etc   or  logic-logika-etc
I don't have a full-blown conlang yet but if it's okay
id like to listen in on you guys

Samuel Rivier

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