Hello All,

Thought I would jump onto the scene of your august presences with my first
attempt at a artlang.

It is something I have been working on for a number of years now, but keep
wiping clean and starting over.  Mostly, the revisions have been total
phonology changes, or a complete rework of the grammar, etc.  Or
frustration.  A couple times it got wiped out due to frustration ;)

The sparse website for the language can be found at )

Currently written up is the Phonology, and some notes on Nouns.   I have
much more to put online, the rest is languishing in hardcopy.  I'll get it
up slowly over the next little while.

Anyone who wishes to take a glance at it is more than welcome, and please
give me pointers.  I'm not a linguist, more of an experimenter.  I'd be
happy to discuss anything that comes up from it.