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>claudio wrote:
>> and foreign words disturb the pureness of a langauge
>"Pureness"?  If foreign words "disturb the pureness of a language", then
>I'd say that English can't be any more impure than it already is.  :-)

    ::wicked grin:: eek, do I smell "linguistic nazism"?
    as far as I can recall there are no "pure languages." (Quite frankly
::*snarfle* hehe, FRANKly:: even if there are such things as "pure languages"
they'd hafta be artificial or constructed . . . ROTFLMAO).

    ok enuff on this lil ol' deadhorse of issue, onto other more FUN things...

    "One thing foreigners, computers, and poets have in common is that they
make unexpected linguistic associations." - Jasia Reichardt