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<< define "purity" please.

i neglect to speak about races here to not support your silly cliches. >>

    You tread a fine line in talking about this, for your command of English
is not very good, and your guilty of many of the evils you decry.  For
instance, the foreign words you introduce into English in your many posts
unwittingly, which arise as technical terms which don't exist; the butchering
of our "pure" English grammar; and not to mention how AMBIGUOUS just about
EVERYTHING you say is!  If ambiguity is evil, then it is not just I and the
rest who are devils, but you as well.
    Take some of the things you've written here:

<<delete my friend, and lean back to relax.>>

    Who's your friend, and how might one delete him/her?

<<well "pat", with no word i insulted your person>>

    Did you?  That's pretty good; often I have to employ words to insult
someone verbally.

<<i really dont like to discuss things on this niveau anymore,>>

    Now, I'll admit, I've only been an English speaker for about 18 years
(not counting the couple where I couldn't speak, because I was an infant),
but that word "niveau" doesn't appear to me to be an English word, and my
dictionary agrees.  Nevertheless, I understood what you meant (rather than
"on this niveau", you might want to say "in this vein" or "along these lines"
next time), and the fact that you used this doesn't bother me, and it didn't
seem to bother you, either.  Yet you speak of "foreign impurities" leading to
"technical terms, which aren't understood by the majority of people"?
    I'd like to end with a quote of yours:

    <<ambiguity is not only bad , its evil.>>

    As a final note, though, while I do like to engage in heated arguments
from time to time, I don't think this is the place for it.  I don't know what
you were expecting when you posted your first reply to the link, and then the
reply to the counter of your reply, but if you were looking for a fight,
please, take it elsewhere ("outside", as it were).


To the group: Sorry, I couldn't resist.