Steve Kramer wrote:

> After seeing the creations here, I almost didn't start mine.  I don't think I
> can do nearly as good of a job!

No, no! Everyone has their own unique perspective on aesthetics, and
that means that even if you feel a little in over your head at first, you
contribution will be welcomed just by virtue of who you are.  Besides,
there are plenty of people here that have just started off too, along with
old-timers, so you can share your experiences with all sorts of people.

I look forward to see what you come up with.

Thomas Wier | AIM: trwier

"Aspidi men Saiôn tis agalletai, hên para thamnôi
  entos amômêton kallipon ouk ethelôn;
autos d' exephugon thanatou telos: aspis ekeinê
  erretô; exautês ktêsomai ou kakiô" - Arkhilokhos