Muke Tever wrote:

> > Thomas Wier wrote:
> > > > OK. I was probably being westerncentric. Let me restate it as "th",
> "ng"
> > > > and retroflex /r/ are difficult form most foreigners in Europea or
> > >America.
> > >
> > >Don't Icelandic and Danish have the voiced interdental fricative [D]?
> Modern Greek hath [D] and [T] too, hath'nt it?

That's right! I'd entirely forgotten about that.  But that wouldn't pass
Luís's requirement that the language be in the big-6, as there are only
about 10 million speakers of Greek.

(You know what I'd really like?  I'd like to have a grammar of the
dialect of Greek -- unintelligible to Standard Greek -- spoken in
Sicily and Corsica.  I'd also like a grammar of one of the Romance
Corsican dialects, but that's only slightly easier to come by, I'd bet.)

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