well "pat", with no word i insulted your person, with no single word,
and you call me "moron" now ?
i really dont like to discuss things on this niveau anymore,
i bet your face turned deep red of anger.
i give you a hint: try to control your agressions.

PD> On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, claudio wrote:
>> ambiguity is not only bad , its evil.
PD> Ambiguity makes poetry possible.  If that's evil, then I'm Satan.
>> and foreign words disturb the pureness of a langauge, and thats where i
PD> And does foreign blood disturb the purity of a race?  Absolute bullshit.

define "purity" please.
i neglect to speak about races here to not support your silly cliches.

PD> The English language as we now speak it arose in the interaction of two
PD> separate and distinct tongues.  If we had refused to incorporate French,
PD> we would not be speaking English.
this integration is responsible for endless technical terms, which
arent understood by the majority of people.
language always fails where it evolves several jargons and dialects,
which tend to be cultural obstacles in the way of social freedom and harmony.

>> its my opinion and if you dont like it then why do you care for it ?
PD> As I tell my students, you're allowed your opinion, but do not expect that
PD> people will not disagree.  You do not have the right to say nosnense
PD> unchallenged.
>> do you think your statement is less emotional or more objective ?
>> please dont bother me with such stupid comments.
PD> Bother you?  Delete my posts, moron; I shall surely delete yours.

delete my friend, and lean back to relax.. lol

PD> --Pat

"rurmlor entflöt, fluppseveri trimel akre wopel larf."
- alte redensart