"Thomas R. Wier" wrote:

> I count no fewer
> than 18 minority languages that are spoken almost exclusively within metropolitan
> France, not to mention other languages that are spoken abroad in French
> colonial possessions.

Incidentally, I was surprised to learn that The Ethnologue has entries for artificial
languages now.  The page for the languages of France, for example, includes both
Esperanto ('200 to 2000 who speak it as a first language', it says) and Interlingua.


Curiously, it reports here

that Esperanto has an "-al" dative suffix.  Is this something new that's
happened to its use since I learned it 6 years ago or so, a dialect, or is
it an error? (I had been under the impression that Recipients were marked
by the preposition "al", which was an unbound morpheme)

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