At 12:01 AM 8/9/2001 -0400, Automatic digest processor wrote:
>My son took the full adult PADI course, not a watered down (no pun intended)
>kids version.  I was watching every step of the way and his instructors and
>the staff at Elite Divers did a wonderful job.

Hi Mark, excellent, enjoy diving together .....

> >
> > I've heard of Elite Divers, many of my Dutch buddies use their shop.  I'm
> > generally at Dutch every weekend from 9-6pm diving, if not at a NJ Wreck,
> > Fl or Caribbean, or Mx diving.

I also hear they have 14' pool for diving courses, an excellent testbed for
gear other than driving to a quarry .... add a freshwater rinse tank
somewhere and its a great way to test the reg after servicing ... a boon to
its steady customers ...

My parents are in Boynton Beach in the winter.  We try to go down and visit
>them for at least a long weekend every winter.  A few years ago I went out
>with a boat from WPB in January.   It was a disaster.  Going through the
>inlet from the calm Intracoastal we picked up 8-12 foot seas and when we got
>into the ocean they became those gentle rollers that are famous for turning
>the likes of me green.  Imanaged to make the first dive.

The seasickness isn't pleasant but diving Boynton Beach was an
experience,  an easy reach to my friends house from Ft Lauderdale, nice to
get some local drift diving, I did 6 dives there from 8am-12mn, and saw a
huge green moray, over 6 feet and bigger than I ... smack in Loggerhead
breeding season, and scores of buge Loggerheads all over the Bay!

>   Getting underwater
>had me feeling better immediately.  Unfortunately, my air consumption was too
>good and I was at the end of a drift line of about 20 divers and was the last
>to get back on-board.  The swells on the surface while bobbing around in my
>BC really did me in.  I have never been sicker in my life.  Usually when you
>get back to shore you feel better, not that day.  I think I was sick for
>another 12 hours.  Since then I have discoverd the Scopalamine patch which
>really works well for me, but I still have a bit of reluctance to deal with
>South Florida in the winter.>

Understand!  One way to find out if the patch works really well is to try
the boat again sometime ...  I find I still get queezy in close quarters in
rough seas, but staying in an open space kills that quickly ... I was
talking to an ex-Navy seaman who was telling me of being in destroyer in a
hurricane, even people who live in the seas can get sick!

>I will do that....BTW, did you receive the 1/2 plug yet?

Not yet, but thanks for the courtesy and asking, is usually
reliable .....

Warm regards,