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>Subject: Re: Cayman Dive crews & other stuff (was:  Cayman Airways shut do
>Marv writes:
> >
> > I'm just back from Fl diving!  a blast as always ....
>I'm just back from a training was a literal "blast"

If many of the Hugh H. represented on a net search I did one day represent
the same person, saw hints of your other life!

>I don't think so.  While the double standard assures modest prosperity and
>prevents cultural dilution, it also shelters them from competition, so many
>frequently lose their work ethic and motivation.  The result is that they
>rightfully develop a reputation for being lazy, indifferent and slow
>workers, so most businesses look to only use them where they have to and
>bring in workers from the outside anyway, since they've frequently made
>themselves unqualified for the higher-skilled jobs.  In this regards, I feel
>that the policy has really been a disservice.

With all due respect to Canadians, it reminds me of Canadian life before
the free trade agreement.

> > As for the murder, was it a Caymanian who was killed and who was the
> > supposed killer?
>Both were Caymanian.  It appears to have been his final revenge as part of a
>longstanding lovers of my older trip reports documented the
>time that she stabbed him with a dinner fork.


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