I don't know if the blue ones are rare, since I still have absolutely no idea
what it was I saw, to be exact.  If I ever find out, I will tell you!


Thanks for the support.  Went out Sunday afternoon, and there was not a
single lobster to be had anywhere.  Hopefully today will be different.


Each diver is a different breed of cat.  I am perfect example of that.  I
love to dive, but I have to have something to challenge me.

I give away lobsters alot of times to friends, who, for whatever reason,
cannot dive.
For instance, the Captain of the boat.  He doesn't get to get into the water
often, so that is his "TIP."  He loves lobster, and I enjoy giving them to
him.  Along with an occasional hogfish or grouper.
I have my minister and his wife, who simply don't have the time or the
resources to take up diving, or for that matter even purchase lobster.
I have the Dive shop, who holds a picnic every year for their regular divers.
 This year there will lobster at that event.
I have my boyfriend, who absolutely adores coming over for dinner the last

Seriously, I hunt, I enjoy hunting.  I give away alot of my kill to people
who cannot afford meat, or fish for their family.  Alot of my spearing kills
gets cleaned, labeled and taken to the food pantry at the church, for the
needy.  Or to the homeless shelter who puts it to good use (small shelter,
houses about 10 people)

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