That is my point. If Lobsters are heavily affected by removal by divers we
as divers are taking advantage of our technology to kill for the sake of it.
This is not a dig at Karla because she is by no means the only diver that
does it. Why do we as divers rape the marine life rather than enjoy the
view. We are changing the ecology simply because we can without thought for
future generations. There is no need for it.

As a community divers need to take more thought about their actions. Fishing
is a sport whether it is for lobster or fish. The fish have some chance. A
spinning lobster has no natural defence against divers seeking them out and
sticking them in bag with the rest of the grab.

As I said one for the pot is only just acceptable why degrade the stocks for
the fun of it.

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> Was there a reason for taking 21 lobsters in two days by one diver. If
> is no good reason one of us is a idiot !!
>  >>
>To take up for Karla there is a very limited season on spineys. Where Karla
>is from the diver impact on the lobsters is tremendous. If you don't get
>you want in the first few days then the supply is greatly diminished.
>We take them when we can and freeze them for future meals.
>I hope this helps clarify the situation.
>Take care,