The "St. Louis Post Dispatch" newspaper ran a feature story on their front
page on Sunday about the problem with unsolved murders in Honduras.
(click  on this link and go to "Section A" and click on story "Families of
US Citizens slain in Honduras fault work of Embassy"

I pass this on because I was surprised (perhaps naively) to see that two of
the murders noted in the article occurred on Roatan.  I assumed these
things occurred on the mainland and not in the resort areas.  I think this
is food for thought for those of use considering a trip to the Bay Islands.

The U.S. Consular Information sheet ( updated on August 17, 2001 states in
pertinent part:

>There has been an upsurge in armed robberies against tourist vans,
>minibuses and cars traveling from San Pedro Sula airport to area hotels
>and to Copan. Vehicles
>force the transport off the road and then men with AK-47s rob the victims,
>occasionally assaulting the driver or passengers. Robberies may be based
>on tips from
>sources at airport arrival areas; exercise caution in discussing travel
>plans in public.
>Several U.S. citizens have been murdered in Honduras in recent years; most
>cases remain unresolved. There are problems with the judicial process,
>including an
>acute shortage of trained personnel, equipment, staff, financial
>resources, and reports of corruption. The Honduran law enforcement
>authorities' ability to prevent,
>respond, investigate, apprehend, file Interpol reports, and prosecute
>criminal incidents remains limited.
>Copan and the Bay Islands have experienced petty theft, but tourists
>generally have fewer problems than the rest of the country. There have
>been three known
>murders of U.S. citizens residing on the popular tourist island of Roatan
>since 1998. All of these victims were either residing in Roatan and/or
>involved in real estate
>or commercial ventures. On Roatan Island, robbers have targeted homes and
>longer-term leased residences. Hotels and pensions are considered
>relatively safer.
>U.S. citizens visiting the islands should exercise particular caution
>around sparsely inhabited coastal areas, and should avoid walking on
>isolated beaches, especially
>at night.

Curious to know what others think.