Since Jay has set this up nicely for me, here are some links to Ido sites:
and a Novial site:

I completely agree with Samuel that we cant limit ourselves to two options:
Esperanto and Interlingua.  If these are our only options, we face a
hopeless task, in my judgement.  If we are limited to a choice between Esp
and Ia, then it is time to put the chairs back on the tables.  Anything that
brings a fresh approach and challenges the existing orthodoxies is to be
welcomed - and that includes Occidental or whatever Bob wants to call it,
and Bobs original (if unconventional) approach.

Kordiale, James Chandler
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"Linguistics has been reduced by Chomsky and his disciples to a positively
mind-boggling level of stupidity and insignificance.  If ever the Prime
Minister wants an excuse to close down a university, she has only to look at
its department of linguistics." - Auberon Waugh, Oxymoron to a boiled egg
(1988) [review of The Chomsky Reader, 1987]

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>Subject: Re: AUXLANG Digest - 27 Aug 2001 to 28 Aug 2001 (#2001-189)
>Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 23:12:21 -0400
>Samuel Rivier ad [log in to unmask] ha scripte in 2001/08/29 7:45 PM:
> > interesting metaphor of a sentence to a picture IMHO.
> > And I haven't seen anyone yet mention Neo, Novial,
> > Ceqli (which I think is an excellent creation), and
> > all the other lesser-known projects out there. We
> > can't limit ourselves to two or three options- for God
> > sakes this isn't a presidential election!
> > -Samuel Rivier
> >
>There is a quite active list at times for
>Glosa. I also see that you didn't mention
>Ido... James C. can give you some refs on
>Ido if you'd like, I'm sure. From a mini-
>malist view yet taking advantage of the
>international shared western terminology,
>Ekspreso is a newby that is constructed
>for people in a hurry who want what works
>and not much else and not much flowery
>stuff. (it's also my pet lang)
>I love Neo, it is a beautiful language
>from my viewpoint and it is too sad that
>it didn't get the exposure it deserved,
>again in my opinion.
>Latino sine Flexione is tops in my book
>for making great strides in the naturalistic
>auxlang direction. This is continued in
>modern Interlingua of IALA. In my view
>IALA's Interlingua presents the best
>points found in LsF and in Occi, with
>the added benefit that professional
>linguists labored long to produce a
>world class dictionary and a usable
>That most of these auxlangs are euro-
>centric doesn't bother me. Because of
>history Western langs have spread widely
>throughout the globe, and to call Spanish
>a strictly European lang is to deny the
>voice of millions upon millions of speakers
>in Sout and Central America, not to mention
>their neighbors with the sister lang Portuguese.
>In Africa and Asia, international business
>is pretty much discussed in English. And the
>fact that two Chinese from different parts
>of China can have a really hard time understanding
>each other, or that Arabs will experience similar
>problems if a Mauritanian and a Syrian speak to
>one another should say much for the importance
>of a commonly shared means of avoiding mis-
>communication through an IAL. There is the
>idea also brought out decades ago of regional
>IALs throughout the Globe, Russian would have
>been considered a lot more important a few
>decades ago as well, and French has had it's
>heyday way long ago.
>To me the idea of a Global IAL isn't as
>important as is a means of communication
>with an extended group of acquaintances.
>For me Interlingua de IALA works well in
>this regard because it allows me to communicate
>with people from all over the Globe, whether
>it will ever become the Gloabal IAL, I dunno.
>It works well for me as is, and for many others
>I know.
>Jay B.

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