Samuel Rivier wrote:

> It seems people are trying to shoot off revivals of
> every artificial language.
> Occidental and Interlingua are too western and come
> far from qualifying as an IAL. Might as well just go
> with Basic English, which I do think is a great
> creation. Hardly a travesty, as Shaw claimed.
> Esperanto is a good language. It is extremely flawed,
> but when I studied it it took on a life of its own,
> and really gave me a romantic beckoning. I think
> that's why it's so popular, but I would never support
> it as an IAL.
> Lojban is too Russellian, as I've claimed already, and
> also too unnatural linguisticly.
> So we got several other languages that this list has
> not mentioned. Glossa, for instance, is something I
> would like to raise discussion about.
> I've just finished some readings on Solresol, which I
> found very interesting. I think with some
> modification, a seven-phoneme language would be very
> valuable in several areas. With the advances in
> telecommunication, however, I think its purpose has
> diminished slightly.
> Umm I think we can idea that Ro is crap, though had an
> interesting metaphor of a sentence to a picture IMHO.
> And I haven't seen anyone yet mention Neo, Novial,
> Ceqli (which I think is an excellent creation), and
> all the other lesser-known projects out there. We
> can't limit ourselves to two or three options- for God
> sakes this isn't a presidential election!
> -Samuel Rivier

Interlingua e occidental es linguas del Occidente. Clar. On debe comenciar in
alcun loco. Glosa, Solresol, Esperanto e Ido non minacea le hegemonia del
anglese, isto debe esser le causa que mesmo le parlamento britannic audiva un
discussion de Glosa.

Interlingua e occidental, essente ben occidental, tamen es aperte. Multe
humanos pote controlar si ille linguas es le nove vestimentos del imperator o
si illos ha un microscopic possibilitate de plener le rolo de un lingua