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Subject: Re: AUXLANG Digest - 27 Aug 2001 to 28 Aug 2001 (#2001-189)

> I completely agree with Samuel that we cant limit ourselves to two
> Esperanto and Interlingua.  If these are our only options, we face a
> hopeless task, in my judgement.  If we are limited to a choice between Esp
> and Ia, then it is time to put the chairs back on the tables.  Anything
> brings a fresh approach and challenges the existing orthodoxies is to be
> welcomed - and that includes Occidental or whatever Bob wants to call it,
> and Bobs original (if unconventional) approach.

My approach may be in some eyes (unconventional), but it is certainly
getting results, and in a lot shorter time than I expected.
Of course, everyone by now knows that I believe it will end up being
Occidental over the others as far as major usage goes in the public arena.
That does not mean I expect Esp, Ila, Ido to disappear or go away.

What I do suggest though is this.

Take your favorite language, be it Esp, Ido, Ila, Glosa, Novial, or
whatever, and USE it in the public, in all kinds of manners, with or without
explanations, spoken, and written, not just on language lists. And, learn
Occidental and give it equal time in your experiments with the public. I
think you won't be surprised at the real world results.

To me this is not an outlandish request. It is easy for InterlinguAists to
speak to InterlinguAists in ILa and believe it is the solution. Or Espists
to Espists, etc. However, the test is to take those languages and actually
"surprise" the public with them and see what happens there. But, always do
it equally with Occidental. The results are, to me, going to be obvious in
six weeks to six months IF someone does that and does it honestly without
trying to prejudice the individuals in the public with whom you do this.
ANd, don't limit it to one or two people. Do it with dozens. Then, we can
have a basis for discussion of which works best from experience, versus

Bob, x+O~

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