James Chandler ad [log in to unmask] ha scripte in 2001/08/30 11:54 AM:
> probably because Bruce Gilson would have come down on him like a ton of
> bricks and put a stop to it, or else used them to ridicule Don and his
> language.

You know... I really miss Bruce, not for
this reason you give which is probably
right on the mark, but because he'd have
a point of view that although not the
same as mine, would be intelligently
presented and well argued. Don's posts
are often in this same spirit, even it
the themes are different, and also Stan
has this same style. I don't, on the
other hand, although I sometimes wish
I did.

> rules of this list.  I think Don ought to consider posting URLs to texts
> that we might find interesting (or not, as the case may be), rather than
> entire unsolicited tracts in Esp.  That would be a better, less intrusive
> way of advertizing Esp on this list.

I believe Don often sends links and not
entire articles. Although sometimes
the promo ads are well supported with
lengthy explanations, why give the link
then right? But I don't think this is
too intrusive, after all, I loved the
link to the new book service, it is
something I wish Interlingua supporters
would emulate. We're looking for ways
to handle the requests of books. BTW
did you guys know that the Academia
pro Interlingua has sent a total of
over 120+ volumes of Dictionaries,
and grammars to individuals in the
U.S. all with most inadequate means
of getting orders and shipping the
materials... man what could be accomplished
if we had someone as pushy as Bob on our
ranks, eh Bob?

> Bobs posts _in_ Occ tend to be different because they are used in debates on

Although Bobs posts are more often than
not self agrandizing and inflated claims
rather than anything worthy of archival
for auxlang discussion history to revisit
as references. On the other hand, links
Don and you, James, have provided are
often noted and reserved, bookmarked and
re-visited from time to time by me. So
are Stans letters, articles and other
messages sent which are really insightful
into early IALA efforts or Interlingua
infancy, I love to read Dr. Gode's letters.
Even if I feel like I'm eavesdropping...:-)
I'd like more material like that on
auxlang. More links, more variety and
above all more fresh ideas, and this is
one area where Bob does deserve credit
even if his methods at times are very
irritating to me.

Jay B.