auliuniv ad [log in to unmask] ha scripte in 2001/08/28 11:52 PM:
> To a thorn in the flesh who knows what he is doing and is doing it anyway,
> Bob,

Ok, all frantic posturing aside, Bob,
if you could for a moment... Please
answer the questions I posed before.

Is the book a re-mastering of old
printed Occi materials, since you
yourself said it had "a new title",
is it a re-publishing?

And in regards to your book offer,
I'd pass up simply with the excuse
that I'll wait for the video to
come out. There's nothing better
than hearing and seeing for language
learning, otherwise if passive
reading is so great why not stick
with Interlingua, as some would
claim, right Bob? Be it as it may,
I would still offer my thanks if
you indeed provide answers to the
questions I asked in the previous
posts. I should point out that
so far you've not really answered,
but rather made accusations, threats,
and mean spirited remarks, not to
mention the insults... but no answers,

Thanks for your answers in advance,
Jay B.