auliuniv ad [log in to unmask] ha scripte in 2001/08/29 12:52 AM
> None of you, I guess, thought this was serious. Wow, where we could have
> been if some hadn't been so stubborn and hard headed and skeptical.
> And 2002 is planned to be a real humdinger. Sorry this group as a whole
> doesn't want to participate.
> How much does it take before people can see what is happening?

So this is the part where you start accusing
Auxlangers in general. Actually the only one
who's been persistent in asking 2 questions
has been only me. And that's one person, you've
also gotten positive responses from a couple
of people interested in your book. So why try
to insult the whole group.

But this fits the pattern Bob, pretty soon
you'll declare "Good bye cruel auxlang"
"I've got better things to do than waste
my time on you" then stomp off and promise
never to come back, only to start sending
a post here and there in a couple o months
then heavy on the anti-interliingua and
anti-esperanto diatribes then go the whole
circle round and round again.

The two questions by the way were:

1) Is the book a re-publishing since
it has "a new title"?

2) How do you find support for the
inflated claim of communicating with
2 Billion people instantly?

A reasonable, but short, explanation
would be most appreciated. Even a
round about explanation as long as
is on subject would also get my
sincere thanks,
Jay B.