Jay Bowks wrote:

> auliuniv ad [log in to unmask] ha scripte in 2001/08/28 10:47 PM:
> > Grow up Jay you child. I wrote in a hurry. It should be includer. Thanks
> > kid. Grow up, you'll look better.
> > Why don't you do something productive instead of acting like a spoiled
> > child.
> > You're not stopping anything, you're not hurting anything, just your image.
> >
> > Guess this is your official way of saying you don't want a copy. Good.
> >
> > Bob,
> What it tells me Bob, is that your grasp
> of Occi isn't as strong as you really
> claim. First: You've mixed up tenses and
> verb forms in the past and there's nothing
> new under the Sun here.

Hmm. Estranie que ego va defender le uso de occidental de un occidentalista.
Tamen le nota in supra de Jay me face pensar troppo de un bello (guerra)

Le linguas international es pro nos qui non ha illos como linguas maternal. Nos
face errores, sed con le tempore nos deveni ancora plus habile in usar le

Il es ben cognoscite que si on comentia apprender un lingua, natural o
artificial in plus tardive annos de su vita il es plus difficile de activisar
omne detalios.

Como le angleses dice "Sustene le bon travalio, Bob!"