Je 09:41 atm 8/31/01 -0600, Rex F. MAY skribis
>Leo Moser wrote:
> > The Euroclones -- IALs that inadvertantly turn out a
> > lot like the "grand tradition" set by UniversalGlot, Esperanto, Ido,
> > Romanal, Novial, Occidental, Interlingua, Neo, Lingua Franca Nova, etc. --
> > will
> > look similar because of the heavy use of Romance roots.
> > They are called (insultingly) "clones" because of this
> > inbred similarity. Recall the reception to Language K.
>I wasn't using the term in its insulting sense, I sort of forgot it had
>one.  What I meant was that group of languages, more or less
>excluding Eo, that try to appear to be a Romance language.  I guess
>we need a term for that.

This is actually what the term "euroclone" meant when I (if memory serves)
coined it in a (paper) letter to Lojbab somewhat more than a decade ago.
Unfortunately, like a lot of other potentially tendentious expressions
("political correctness" springs immediately to mind), it has undergone
certain sea changes since its coinage, and now means something a bit
different, or so I gather.


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