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Subject: [interlingue] Urban Legends?

> 1925 !!!!!
> "... Suficent internationalitá ja existe si li proposit form trova-se
> in ----, ---- e in UN TRIESIM [third] grand lingue."
> Three languages of the "grand languages" are required, or as the IED says,
> "in AT LEAST THREE...", and this is the "intuitive"??? method for
> determining Occidental words. The grand languages are the same as
> above by Gode. So much for the attempt to hide the source of their rules
> claiming "intuition". ILaistes don't want to, for good reason, admit the
> true history of their language and its "evasive" copying of Occidental's
> methods, vocabulary and principles, with the addition of some bad mistakes
> they added to the methods.

I thought I should point out, the above along with a whole description of
the process was actually written well before it appeared in 1925. And, it
was presented before any major Occidental dictionaries appeared. A list,
though, is given along with the above information, of who was in charge of
which dictionary project at that time. Sr. Gär was listed as being in charge
of the German-Occidental dictionary.

It is interesting to note also the the project was done by a group of
interlinguists, not simply Edgar de Wahl.

In fact, it is little known today I guess that a full group of over 20
interlinguists were involved in the beginning of the dictionary projects of
the Occidental movement. They were the first scientific group involved in
producing a correct set of dictionaries in the true international languages.
None of this can be refuted, by the way, no matter what the wishes are. The
facts are laid down in history and cannot be rewritten now, as has been the
attempt over the last few decades since the mid 1940's through the early
50's and later.

We have the records for all to see, and there is no escaping the facts.

Bob, x+O~

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