I've devised a new romance conlang- Medolian. I've got a bit of conculture
to go with it, so I've presented it below. I'll post some stuff on the
language itself tomorrow.

Medolian is quite similar to Occitan, French, Spanish and Portuguese,
essentially it could be seen as a transition language between these.
Medolian is spoken in the Republic of Medolia, which corresponds roughly to
*here's* south-west France.

The historical homeland of Medolia is the Medou peninsula, which was
populated in Roman times by the Meduli, hence the name (the Medou is *here'
s* Médoc peninsula). The capital of the republic is Bordeala (Bordeaux).

The history of the Kingdom of Medolia begins in 418 CE, when the Visigoths,
after sacking Rome, came west and conquered Aquitania (hence the ancient
name of Medolia- Quetagna). By then they had converted from Arianism to
Catholicism, after the efforts of Saint Òrmestá (Pope Hormisdas) and were
readily accepted by the Romano-Gaulish aristocracy. This acceptance of the
Visigothic leader Ermandreic as king allowed the Quetagnais under King
Alareic II to win at the battle of Vògladeic (Vouillé/Campus Vogladensis) in
507. The Franks were thereafter confined to Neustria and Austrasia.

The line of Ermandreic soon died out and in 598 the "consul" of Bordeala,
Augustinus (King Oustín I)  took the throne, taking Septimania and Provence
from the Burgundians.

In 732 the Umayyad muslims were turned back at Tolôsa (Toulouse) by the
combined forces of Alareic IV of Medolia and Carlos I (Charles Martel) of
Austrasia-Neustria. Alareic went on to conquer Catalonia as far as the Ebro
and Carlos' grandson Carlos II later became the first Holy Roman Emperor.

Ignoring the middle bits, Medolia is now a republic and a driving force in
the European Union. Her neighbors are the Kingdom of  Neustria, The
Republics of Brittany and Narbonne and the Republic of Catalonia


La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit
          "je t'aime"
                   c'était un mec
                             qui me l'a dit...
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