Have all the Relay 2 translations been posted?
The best thing for Shreyas to do is just excerpt
the Conlang and English translations, naming
conlanger and conlang, and put them together
in one long post, or in sequential postings.  The
details of the languages can come later.  Or we
could supply them ourselves, as some of us have

The mystery of the egg is one that I may have a
clue to.  But I need to know first if all the translations
have been posted.  I'm dying to know the translation
of the conlanger who came before me, because the
result of what I translated, although it was grammatically
correct,  made no sense.  My predecessor offered
several alternative definitions in his glossary.  I took the
one that yielded the most workable meaning.

Sally Caves
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> On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 12:32:15AM -0400, Bryan Maloney wrote:
> > >Mia Soderquist's Mijador:
> > >Ad savto líle emno.
> >
> > Still haven't found that egg!
> LOL :-) Yeah, I can't wait to see that too, hehe.
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