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>    Herman Miller (I had Cispa, but I suspect Herman's on
>        to something new.  Could he direct me to his latest
>        project?-- the languages of Azir?)

I rearranged my web site around the beginning of the year. The main
language site is

and everything else is under that. Pretty much the only thing I've been
working on these days is Czirehlat, with a page at

Azir was meant to be the new conworld to replace the old one, but I haven't
had much interest in world-building recently. Many of the old Kolagian
languages have new homes in the Azirian universe. Cispa (with the restored
original spelling "Chispa") is still spoken by rat-people, although the
details of their world will probably be different if I ever get around to
world-building again, and the Oninko porcupines still sing and play music
in a scale with 15 equally spaced notes in an octave.

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