Dear List Members...
I would like to thank the many people who replied to my question about
treating pain in a child when there is no parent available for consent.
The good news is that the majority answered that they would in fact treat
the child with analgesics.  Most considered that the treatment of pain
is "an emergency" and that we are entitled as emergency physicians to
treat "emergency" situations in a safe and appropriate manner.

To summarize:
8  Oral medications - Tylenol with codeine, Ibuprofen
17 Intravenous Opioid - Morphine, Fentanyl
4  Intramuscular - Morphine, Ketorolac
2  Subcutaneous - Morphine
5  Would definitely treat the patient, not specific on method

1  Would hold analgesia until a parent was contacted

Again, thank you for your time and response.  It seems the list members, as
always, are uniform in our advocacy for the care of children, and for the
aggressive and appropriate management of pain.

Best Regards,
Shari Platt, MD
New York, NY

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