On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Amber Adams wrote:

>ok like take it off the list or something........ please.
>But!  since everyone's fired up and all, and up for some flaming and insulting
>let's get this back on track, with this question here!
>What counts as profanity in your conlangs?  What words are naughty?  What's the
>absolutely worst thing you could call someone? ;)

Well, Kernow is a slightly eccentric Province in a fairly normal
Western European country, so the "profane" words are the usual,
as found in Europe. I'm not European, so don't know _specifically_,
but can guess. I haven't looked too much into naughty speech (il
cant le gutheor) - but i obviously know what it's called.

Let's see, the worst thing you can call someone is probably "tu
feouzyd Zawzen!". If that person's not English, anyway. "Feouzyd",
/fuDId/, means, roughly, horrid or nasty and is borrowed from the
Brithenig past participle of the verb ffuder. So, "thou horrid

Being Latins, profane gesticulations are also common, especially
as intensifiers. Calling a fellow Kernowman feouzyd Zawzen while
also flashing him the bull sign (up thrusting your right fist with
thumb and pinky extended) is extremely insulting. Will probably cause
a brawl.

Allright, will certainly cause a brawl!