Well, I am thirteen years old, and I have been conlanging since I was 7
years old.  Yes, I know that I am a little young for this sort of thing, but
it interests me.  Of course, at that time, my conlang was nothing more than
a simple replacement of words.  For the next five years, I rarely ever
thought of my languages; and of course, I would never tell anyone about my
interest in conlanging, Id seem like an idiot.  Last year, as part of a
unit, I was told to invent a language for a country, and I went ahead and
did just that.  Since then for about a year and  I have been reading about
conlangs on the net and working on my own.

The conlang I worked on, as an assignment is available on the net, be aware,
this is very poor quality work, I did it in two days.  However, when I look
back at what I did know about language at the time, (which was nothing,) and
what I know now, I am surprised at some of the ideas, i.e. a subject marker,
so I could have free word order.

Available at

Because of that early project, I added another item to my list of hobbies,
linguistics.  Because I am a Canadian, I have the privilege of having French
taught in school.  I have also taken an online course on Scottish Gaelic.

Im wondering, my current conlang, Anata, is still in a very early stage;
about how many words will I need to have a usable language?  I also could
use a program for storing my lexical information, does anyone have any

My website will be at it will be
some time until it is actually there.

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