Am 09/12 04:39  David Peterson yscrifef:

>     The language called Ewe has [f], [F], [v] and [B] all as separate,
> disntinguishable phones, so it's possible.  What I find less possible is that
> [tS] and [dZ] could exist without [S] and [Z].  But Hindi does do it, though,
> doesn't it?  Well, half-way, at least...
Well, Hindi seems to have an alveolar fricative /s./ if I've got my
descriptions right.  /tS/ and /S/ emerged in English from Proto-Germanic
at the same time from /k/, /sk/ palatalised.  /gg/ became [cg], /dZ/,
but only after Old English period did /Z/ enter English from French, or
from natural development from /sj/, /zj/.

>     As for today's tragedy, a friend of a person with whom I live was on one
> the planes that crashed into the trade center towers.  I didn't know this
> person, and probably would have never met her, had she lived, and yet it
> nearly broke my heart to hear it.  I can't imagine what it would be like for
> those who actually had family and loved ones lose their lives.  It's
> absolutely unreal; unthinkable.
The first hint I received of this very public tragedy was when I saw the
thread NYC on this list.  Even then I did not know the enormity of it
until I saw similar threads on other lists.  Even NZ Presbyterian lent
in when it announced that one minister's spouse who works in New York
was safe.  New York is as close as humanity comes to having a world
capital (for the moment).  This atrocity touches on us all.

I managed to catch some of the images on the evening news before I went
out.  To see the second plane fly into the building like it was merely
flying behind it was shocking.  Those who drove the plane into the
buildings died with blood on their hands.  Those who sent them must
await a human judgement.

- andrew.
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It's all over now.  They stand backs to the wall
Waiting for the fascist's sword to fall
In the desperation of a young life about to end
He turns before the bullet, And forgives a friend.
                               - Johnny Clegg and Savuka, Warsaw 1943