I've seen the clips of the airplanes flying into the bulding at least 100
times, and still each time I want to think, what a great piece of special
effects. If only it were.

Generally, I'm rather a peaceful man despite my interest in military
history. But in this case I think Ehud Barak was absolutely right in
saying that, enough is too much already, action has to be taken against
the terrorists and the lunatics who support them in Afghanistan, Libya,
Iraq, North Korea.

On my way to work this morning I will stop at the Cathedral downtown and
light a candle for all the victims of this. I will light a second one, for
the rest of us on this planet who are good people, of any faith or


"Nature and Nature's Law lay hid in night; God said, "Let Tesla be" and
all was light."

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On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, David Peterson wrote:

> In a message dated 9/12/01 12:36:59 AM, [log in to unmask] writes:
> << Can
> /B/ and /v/ coexist?  Or should I expect them to crunch together? >>
>     The language called Ewe has [f], [F], [v] and [B] all as separate,
> disntinguishable phones, so it's possible.  What I find less possible is that
> [tS] and [dZ] could exist without [S] and [Z].  But Hindi does do it, though,
> doesn't it?  Well, half-way, at least...
>     As for today's tragedy, a friend of a person with whom I live was on one
> the planes that crashed into the trade center towers.  I didn't know this
> person, and probably would have never met her, had she lived, and yet it
> nearly broke my heart to hear it.  I can't imagine what it would be like for
> those who actually had family and loved ones lose their lives.  It's
> absolutely unreal; unthinkable.
> -David