Jesse Bangs wrote:
> Micheal:
> It's good to have you here.  You certainly bring a good list of
> credentials to the group!  I am less than half your age (19), but I too
> have been playing with language for most of my life.

Hi Mike!

<Omole i vedanje> /Om"o:lIB@d"anj@/ "that you may be welcome"
<Vedanjerde>. /B@danj"Erd@/ "you are welcomed"
<Ovedanjelle>.  /OB@danj"El:@/ "that you may make yourself at home"
or just
<Vedanje>.  /B@d"anj@/ "welcome, at home".

I'm 21 myself, and a total amateur when it comes to linguistics.  My
conlang Obrenje is still in the embryonic stage although it's been
several months since I first got round to catch some of those fleeting
undomesticated ideas in my head and put them on paper.

> My question to the group: do you guys have favorite phrases in your own
> languages?  What are they?

I don't have enough vocabulary to answer that, I'm afraid.  =(  In fact,
i only have some 200 words so far, and I've found it excessively
strenuous and unproductive to force myself to make more.

Nevertheless, I quite like what I discovered lately when trying to
figure out how to say "you're welcome" in reply to a thanking in
Obrenje.  Aside from the rather unmarked <kwomow> /kwO"mOw/ "willingly"
and <u jekce garde> /Wj"Eks@g"ard@/ "anytime [lit. at any point in
time]", and the formal <naqeze i caja> /naN"e:ZIh"a:ja/ "I liked the
doing", I came up with the following, very personal version:

<Cenow bla il, tjutje.> /sn"Owbla"Il cj"u:cj@/ "only for you, sweetie"

You can quote that as my preliminary favorite expression.

-- Christian Thalmann