> > Today we grieve.  Tomorrow, let the cold tongue
> > of vengance let forth.
> > Freedom is an awful thing that so many will
> > die to supress it.
> > Brad Coon
> > 9-11 Let Vengance ring.
> I understand these feelings. I have them myself. But I say Let
Vengance Not
> Ring. Vengance is too sweet and too pleasurable a desire. And it is
too easy
> to satisfy it indiscriminantly, too easy to indulge in it for its own
> When we know for sure who our enemy is, let us coldly use whatever
> against them that is necessary to make us safe, no less and no more.
And let
> us take no pleasure in it.

There's a few of us saying, "they're all responsible,
they should all be punished."

I think I can capture well the feeling with the
following quote:
"If we lose this war, we do not fall in the hands of
some other states but will be anhiliated by world
radical islam. Radical Islam firmly decided to
exterminate all the West. International law and
international custom will be no protection against the
Islamic will for total anhiliation.
"In the case of the radical islamics there are not
merely a few criminals (as in every other people), but
all of raidcal islam rose from criminal roots, and in
its very nature is criminal. The radical moslems are
no people like other people, but a pseudo-people
welded together by hereditary criminality."

The original quote was from instructions issued to the
German press in April 1943; and where I have written
"Islam" and "the West," they had "Jewry" and

The above was taken from another mailing list, from a post written by
Kyle Schaunt.

We must be careful that, in seeking just retribution, we do not become
that which we seek to destroy. If we stop being civilised in our
response, then they will have destroyed our civilisation, and they will
have won. Our civilisation isn't found in bricks and mortar; it is found
in our spirit.

Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on cologne and they
go out and smell each other.