Patrick Jarrett wrote:

> How do other languages use articles? Anything more in depth than
> definite and indefinite?

Ooh, interesting question, I've been wondering about that myself.  I
would really like to use articles in my lang, but I didn't want to make
it too blatantly IEesque (it's supposed to be a priori after all).

Currently, I'm using a system with no articles in Obrenje.  Definiteness
is a noun inflection, cases are expressed by prepositions (yes, that
includes the accusative) and numbers are shown with quantifier nouns.

However, I think it would be cool to have a mandatory article for every
noun phrase, and pack all the definiteness/case/number info into it.

So yeah, how common are articles in non-IE langs, and inhowfar are they
different from the IE ones?  (Ah, inhowfar, another word that English is
inexplicably lacking...)

-- Christian Thalmann