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<< Can
/B/ and /v/ coexist?  Or should I expect them to crunch together? >>

    The language called Ewe has [f], [F], [v] and [B] all as separate,
disntinguishable phones, so it's possible.  What I find less possible is that
[tS] and [dZ] could exist without [S] and [Z].  But Hindi does do it, though,
doesn't it?  Well, half-way, at least...

    As for today's tragedy, a friend of a person with whom I live was on one
the planes that crashed into the trade center towers.  I didn't know this
person, and probably would have never met her, had she lived, and yet it
nearly broke my heart to hear it.  I can't imagine what it would be like for
those who actually had family and loved ones lose their lives.  It's
absolutely unreal; unthinkable.