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>I find the pointlessness of it depressing. Nothing has changed except now
>hundreds (probably thousands) of people are dead and whole lot more are
>very very angry.
>sigh. Why are people so stupid?

    I just happen to be studyin' up on the Buddha's 4 Noble Truths (_The Four
Noble Truths_ by His Holiness the Dalai Lama)... gotten past just the 1st and
2nd Truths and then this act of utterly human violence happened [don't insult
animals, please, by sayin' the terrorists are "animals"!], makin' this study
even more "en extremis" for me...

    Buddha's 1st Noble Truth: _All sentient beings are in a condition of
    = in another words, we humans - supposed Higher Primates -  seek
Happiness but only find suffering because we have no clue to what really
causes/creates lasting Happiness.

    Buddha's 2nd Noble Truth: _Suffering is caused by ignorance_
    = we try to find Happiness by all the wrong ways & means... in all the
wrong people, places and things. We stumble and wonder why we are not gettin'
our way, we wonder why the world is not to our liking.

    And I find all the angry, immature calls for retaliation are just playin'
into the terrorists' hands. For every terrorist killed, it seems like 10 more
replace that one and those 10 are more implacable and fanatical than the one
killed. So the Cycle of Violence continues... and escalates beyond the point
of no return...

    "The road to hell is paved with [selfish] good intentions."

    enuff said, never enuff done,
    czHANg, burnin' incense & candles for All - the dead, the living, the
peacemakers, the warmongers and the terrorists, feelin' totally baffled &
wishin' people were more like happy, wise animals